Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank you and Welcome

Thank you so much for reading The Young Artist's Blog. Camille and I (Anthony) are so pleased that you decided to join us in our show-case of young stardoll artists, and reviews of older ones. It has been said that the true talent lies in the artist, because we inspire the world to love and hate, believe and disbelieve, agree and disagree.

We gaurentee that our blog will leave you satisfied, and if not... please tell us how we could improve to make you keep coming back. Art is so many people's one and only love, and we intend to expand on it.

"Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." -Andy Warhol. With our blog, young artists will get their well deserved 15 minutes and hopefully more with this blog.

At least, that is our intentions.

-Camille and Anthony; December 22, 2008 and for the rest of eternity.


  1. Sounds interesting, i will follow this blog :D
    Im an art freak, so its perfect for me XD
    BTW, Great playlist, im tired of listening to britney spears and Rihana every time i read blog, the beatles rock!

  2. This sounds like a really great idea!

  3. first of all ı like playlist . fantastic.
    depeche mode, beatles :)
    thank you...

    ı will follw this blog..