Monday, January 26, 2009

A new rule / TYAB News

In case any of you reading are on the TYAB team or ever will be I would like to remind you NEVER post music. Camille and I love our playlist, and do not want anything to interupt with the flow of the music. Especially Britney Spears and the Pussy-Cat Dolls. They are nice, but not good for an art blog.

To put us in a good mood again, feast upon the news...

Possible the most talented artist on stardoll is joining the team. Only hours, before you get to meet her. You're in for quite a....



  1. Yeah, Anthony's playlist is the shizz, so don't be messing with it, please!

  2. I'm very sorry.I didn't mean to put the playlist in here,but in my other blog.LOL:)
    It was just a mistake...That's totally true,Pussycatdols and even Britney or singers like that aren't for an art blog;maybe for something else.I was going to put the playlist in my other blog,and then i saw it was in here.Then I put the words and speak up!