Monday, February 2, 2009

Camille's Sketch No. 10

Hey, it's me again. Sorry, I'm not trying to neglect this blog on purpose. I just haven't been drawing lately! Wait, let me correct that. I haven't had the time to draw lately. These passing weeks have been total chaos for me, and I have literally been more stressed than ever.
Anyway, I drew this picture about a week ago. I free-drew this, so it definately is NOT my very best! I bought Vogue yesterday, so I'll probably have a new drawing soon.


  1. You need to make the legs a little fuller. You've managed to capture the draping of the fabric pretty well. The heart bag, needs a more 3D effect so try that.
    Also, if you're going to give her shoulders that shape, make her collarbones move.
    I think that once you can draw fashion models from memory, you'll get an exact grasp of the muscular and physical structure of the female body. If you're an aspiring artist, it helps to pay attention in Biology. Take note from Da Vinci. ;]

    And for what it's worth, the way you captured the face of Madame Boudouir [LOL, can I call her that?] is very interesting, almost a Marlene Dietrich feel to it. Hands also, excellent work. For me, the most difficult part are always the hands.

    All in all, a mediocre picture by your standards, but, with a little practice, I think you'll be realy good at it.

    I hope you don't feel bad or dislike me, I just shared my opinion, and I think critique is important, good or bad? Oui?