Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Sorry.

Dear readers,
I AM SO SORRY FOR NEGLECTING YOU! In the midst of my move to Miami, I had no time to draw, work on the computer or draw. I just added to the playlist, and I have a FEW old drawings. I will post them now, but soom I will start showing pictures of my painting!

While I was moving, (some random things that happened) I gave up 'partying' for lent, I discovered a new artist, whose style I would LOVE to mimic - Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter. I moved to Miami, more detailed... Americana Manhasset. The shopping is GREAT! I have updated my wardrobe to be more spring-y. I will be in NYC over spring break, so I will not update quite frequently! I have visited Bal Harbour a few times. It is very pleasant. I cannot BELIEVE that Puig Group did not re-do Olivier Theyskens's contract! My best friend since the age of 3, moved with me and is currently sitting on my lap while I type! Last nut not least, I subscribed to WWD (women's wear daily)!

Well, that's anout it! Enjoy! (I will not be returning to, just so you know)

I re-drew M.C. Escher's classic Drawing Hands on the drive with our clothes (you don't ship it... WRINKLES! plus, wrinkles ruin designer clothes!) to Manhasset.


  1. They look very realistic! It looks like the hand is 3D is is drawing something!

  2. You moved? Fun Fun! I love your drawing. I wish I could do that kind of shading. Haven't talked to you in a while, hope you can get online soon!

  3. Wait, so, did you move to Manhasset or Miami?

  4. I love it. Wow. Hope u like Miami, miss ur fashion expertize on stardoll. Tear. Ur not coming back. I suck at drawing hands. Ur great.